Storytelling through the Season

Storytelling through the Season

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The oral tradition of storytelling is one that we absolutely adore, and is why we are starting a series for children called, Storytelling Through the Season. Once a month, we invite children from the community to come sit under the crabapple trees, listen to an oral story told either by Gina, another gardener, or a talented storyteller we know, and then pick a mason jar full of flowers from our fields to take home. Limited to 10 children.


Cost: Tickets are $25 each or buy a summer pass for $125 (1x month from June-October) A ticket buys you one mason jar to fill with flowers plus a special spot under the trees. 

When: 8-9 a.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of the month starting in May. Parents must be present.

Ages: Stories will be geared toward families with children around the age of preschool to 3rd grade.


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